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Poet, novelist and filmmaker


Beautiful Enough to Burn

A 95 page collection of poems.

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Beautiful Enough to Burn Reviews

Kevin Conder has one of the strongest voices I have heard in recent years. His control of deep and often painful images is magical. He writes of the “terrible aloneness in the world of light”. His landscape is as “enormous as insomnia”. He is a master of the revealing image that defines what it means to be human, to be fallible.


University of Arizona Regents Professor of English, Pulitzer Prize nominee

In Beautiful Enough to Burn, Kevin Conder writes with strong, certain hands, dancing between story and spirit. One feels tethered to his world and the stories of his mind. The poems are exhilarating, cocky, confident, wounded, wandering, exalted, manly, and profoundly moving.


5 time Pushcart Prize Nominee, Former Editor of “Word Riot”

Kevin Conder is a writer who deserves a standing ovation and a wave – stadium-style. Quite simply, very cool.


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in death


lying on the bottom of the ocean

I can’t hear anything

but the pressure of six miles of water

I don’t know if I’m breathing

my hands pat the mud

I call a lantern fish to

bring his light


you are here somewhere



the hills are full of olives rotting

on the ground


the ocean clanks on the iron beach

the sky might as well be made of slate

the rain would fall if it could


Achilles is on viagra

he has sacked troy once more

just for the hell of it


the city burns and burns

the nightmares have returned


none of the prophecies came true

come dance with me dark prince

not even you can keep the moon down



Kevin Conder is an American expat living in Stockholm with his wife and two children. His poetry has appeared in numerous literary magazines such as Quiddity, Opium, The Pedestal Magazine, North American Review, 2River View, The Journal and The Pacific Review. 

Always searching for new outlets, Kevin is also a filmmaker, a prize-winning screenwriter and the author of two published novels.

Kevin holds a degrees in Philosophy from the University of California and a MFA in English from the University of Arizona.


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